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Con Haoqing Liu

Maestro Haoqing Liu and 2º Gen Xioda Liu

The School for Advanced Study of Chikung-Taichi was founded by Master Haoqing Liu, who came to Spain in 1985 to promote and develop this ancient cultural treasure (see Biography)

Our organisation is a school dedicated exclusively to the personal tuition of Chikung (Qi Gong) and Tai Chi as passed on by Chinese Masters.


Our objective is to help all kinds of people to improve their health and quality of life easily and with rapid results, and to train professionals in the field all over the world. We aim to promote the true essence of Qi Gong (Chikung) and Taichi through teaching of the highest quality for people of all kinds and all ages, encompassing both the fields of health and of martial arts.

The school offers a wide range of services apart from regular, face-to-face classes, such as intensive instructor training courses, online courses, private classes, company classes, classes for disabled people, seminars, events etc

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. The school’s syllabus is extensive and at the same time simple, and is supported by audio-visual materials.

The methodology employed by Masters Haoqing Liu and second generation Xioda Liu in their classes is one of personal attention and direct tuition for all levels, from beginner to advanced.


Haoqing Liu’s School for Advanced Chikung-Taichi is the longest standing and most popular school in Spain, having trained over 6000 students. As a pioneer in the field of promoting oriental culture, the school has done so for over thirty years.


C/ Modesto Lafuente, 10 Bajo C - 28010 Madrid
Metro: Iglesia (line 1), Gregorio Marañon (line 10), Alonso Cano (line 7)


Escuela superior de Chikungtaichi Haoqing Liu

C/ Modesto Lafuente
Nº10 Bajo C
28010, Madrid (España)

Tel: 91 448 18 38
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