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Posición de Lu

Chikung-taichi is a method of bodily relaxation which uses the life energy or ‘chi’, upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine is based

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. It originated in the distant past, yet is currently becoming increasingly widespread in Europe due to the beneficial results obtained through its practice.

What is it for?

The practice of Chikung-Taichi leads to states of profound relaxation and harmony, and helps people to cope with the tension, stress, and anxiety, from which people who live in big cities habitually suffer.

In addition to enhancing the intellect and the memory, it is used to help treat all kinds of illness, from heart disease and rheumatism, to obesity, arthrosis, arthritis, problems with circulation, muscular pains or high blood pressure.

All of this is possible because continued practice results in a general increase in strength, deep relaxation, wellbeing and peace, with a corresponding reduction of stress.

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit from Chikung-Taichi, regardless of age. In China, it is practised daily by people of all ages as a form of physical exercise and relaxation.

Modern medical opinion

According to modern medicine all the factors mentioned earlier, such as stress, worry, tension, and a negative mind-set are the factors largely responsible for the process we call illness. For this reason many doctors today recommend Chikung-Taichi to their patients for the many benefits it confers by balancing the flow of ‘chi’.

What does it offer us?

The practice of Chikung-Taichi allows us to enjoy a better quality of life, in that it nurtures our vitality, strength and inner balance, allowing the body to regain the suppleness and vigour of youth. It is a Chinese cultural treasure; the refined essence of the wisdom and experience of great masters, who used their knowledge and skill to promote the factors that contribute to human happiness; longevity, strength, vigour, beauty, and harmony.

Tai chi pushing hands (Tui Shou).

Pushing hands is the source of the yin yang symbol, which originated as a graphic representation of pushing hands 3600 years ago.

Originally this practice was developed for health benefits, later at the end of the 16th century its use was extended to the internal martial arts.

Pushing hands is done with a partner and has a wide range of benefits.

Its practice helps to ease the relaxation of the joints, unblocking the acupuncture points (chakras), and channelling energy.

This important system helps improve the tai chi form.

Tai chi sword (Taiji Jian)

Tai chi sword is a system for harnessing energy (De Qi) and extending the energy to the tip of the weapon.

It helps to strengthen the body and develop the physique, promoting flexibility and dexterity.

Its practice, similar to the main empty-hand form, increases positive energy and self-confidence.

Chikung in Traditional Chinese Medecine (medical chikung).

Chikung is an age-old system in Traditional Chinese Medecine. It is a fountain of knowledge, consisting of gentle exercises which help develop internal balance, eliminate negative energy and increase positive energy, strengthen natural defences and prevent or remedy illness. It is beneficial for all age groups.

  • Cultivate energy to build up natural defences. (Lower Microcosmic Orbit).
  • Microcosmic Orbit, extraordinary meridians Ren Mai, Du Mai. Basic yin yang chikung ‘Xiao Zhou Tien’.
  • Macrocosmic Orbit. Energy of all the meridians ‘Jing Ru’ and ‘Cai Li, Da Zhou Tien’.


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