Online distance courses

NEW CHIKUNG-TAICHI DISTANCE COURSES for Spain, Latin America, China and other countries.

Professional training, 100% distance and mixed.

FOTO ONLINEThis distance option may be complementary to presential courses or 100% online if participants meet the following requirements:

  • Good Internet connection.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • A video recorder.
  • Sufficient capacity and skill to complete the course, which will be assessed prior to registration.
  • Self discipline.

Following the Master’s prior assessment, suitable candidates will submit their documentation and register for the Online course.


Aim of transferring knowledge using the distance learning method.

The course is given directly by a native teacher via personal, individual attention and ongoing communication, providing constant support and monitoring.

Both the teacher and the student must make a sufficient effort to achieve a quality outcome. The final result must therefore be exactly the same as if the course were presential.

Flexible course with support materials.


The simplified professional training course has a duration of 30 sessions (all theoretical and practical course materials are taught in these sessions), which are distributed on a flexible basis.

If the course is not completed in these 30 sessions, the following sessions have a 50% discount.

Each session comprises an educational video + a direct video conference with the teacher in which the student’s progress is monitored, lasting around 30-50 minutes.


Payment per session is made in advance (€56 plus VAT) by bank transfer. The relevant bank statement supporting the payment should be submitted prior to commencement of the session.


  • Savings in travel, accommodation and meal expenses, etc...
  • Very flexible and amenable course.

Ordinary private distance classes.

Personalised and individual service; ask for a brief interview and personalisation of the programme.
Contact the Chikung-Taichi School to request this service..

-Chikung-Taichi professional training.
For any level with a personalised learning programme.

-Basic Chikung-Taichi courses to improve health as a preventive treatment

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For all kinds of people, depending on their individual needs.


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