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Monitor training for Chikung Taichi in Spain

formacion profesionalThe courses can be taught on-site or by distance learning and are imparted by Master Haoqing Liu and second generation Xioda Liu, who guarantee the quality of the theoretical and practical knowledge. Groups are small with personal attention from the teachers.

Program of monitor training for simplified Chikung Taichi.

Static Chikung:

  • San Yuan Shi – Jian Shen Zhuang (physical and mental health).
  • Tuo bao Zhuang – Ji Ji Zhuang (balancing internal and external energy bodies)
  • Fu hu Shi – Hun He Zhuang (balance, health and harmony)

Work in the three static postures results in the Three Internal Treasures (Jing, Chi, Sheng), and also in the Three External Treasures (Jing, Qu, Bi).

Dynamic Chikung: Form composed of 38 exercises linked together for health.

See complete syllabus for Monitor Training for simplified Chikung Taichi

Course requirements:

  • Normal track: 160 hours (within a period of maximum 2 years), regular classes at the school

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    . Wide range of timetables available.

  • Fast track: 30 hours of intensive classes over the course of two or three weekends.
    Price 1680€ + VAT

Program of monitor training for complete system of Chikung Taichi.


  • How to conduct a chikung assessment to get to know a person.
  • Knowledge of the best system of static and dynamic chikung.
  • How to teach chikung correctly, knowledge of errors to avoid, prevention of health risks as a result of chikung.
  • Knowledge of the difference between systems of chikung for health and for martial arts.
  • Microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits.
  • The difference between chikung and taichi (Qi Gong and Taiji).
  • The specific function of each movement.
  • The three external harmonies and their synchronisation with the three internal harmonies.
  • The Three Internal Treasures and the Three External Treasures.
  • The history of chikung (Qi Gong) and taichi (Taiji).

The practice of Static Chikung:

  • Practice of the static positions: wu chi, tree posture (three spheres), holding treasure, the bell and other postures depending on the needs of the individual.
  • Practice of dynamic exercises.
  • The names and uses of each movement.

See syllabus for Monitor Training for Complete System of Chikung Taichi

Course requirements:

  • Normal track: 240 hours (within a period of 3 years), regular classes at the School. Wide range of timetables available. Price €78.10 + VAT monthly for two classes per week.
  • Fast track: maximum length of 240 hours with the possibility of finishing earlier. Price €2108 + VAT.
  • Changing track on the professional training program: pending previous assessment; if favourable the candidate can access the 30-hour monitor training course (individuals and groups). Price €1680 + VAT

Extension module – Taichi Sword. 

For those students who have completed the previous studies, the opportunity exists to further their knowledge with a course on Taichi Sword (Taiji Jian) – the complete 54 movements.

Course specifications:

  • It is for students who have already studied in the school. The course lasts 20 hours. Classes are individual and intensive, with direction tuition from the Master. Price   745€ +VAT.
  • Other people who have not studied at the school should seek a personal assessment.
  • Reductions for small groups.

Extension module: Tui Shou.

Monthly seminars to further progress and increase level of competence. Price €27 per seminar. Reserve place in advance by email.

For the qualification to be certified the student must complete the syllabus and pass the exam.

Horario: intensivos los fines de semana y cursos de formación todo el año.Reserva anticipada: Tlf: 914 48 18 38
Curso de formación profesional de chikungtaichi con material audiovisual de apoyo. Horarios amplios.Forma de pago:Por transferencia o efectivo.
Se puede pagar a plazos.
Nota: Los precios de los cursos no incluyen IVA. Una vez formalizada la matrícula no se devuelve el importe.
Estos cursos de Formación profesional incluyen:

  • Cursos de preparación teoría y práctica

  • Título profesional de Chi kung-Tai chi expedido por la Escuela Superior de Chi kung-Tai chi, Haoqing Liu

  • Escuela Superior de chikungtaichi ha firmado convenio con la facultad de ciencia de la actividad física y del deporte (INEF) de la universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
    Nuestro proyecto es desarrollar e investigar la cultura física oriental y la Medicina tradicional y complementaria.

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