The ancient art of Chikung-Taichi is becoming increasingly widespread in Europe, where more and more people are deriving the benefits from its practice.

Chikung-Taichi promotes states of profound relaxation and harmony, which help people to cope with stress and anxiety

Chikung-Taichi can improve the quality of life, by nurturing vitality, strength and inner balance, and allowing our body to regain the suppleness and vigour of youth. It is a Chinese cultural treasure; the refined essence of the wisdom and experience of great masters, who used their knowledge and skill to promote the factors that contribute to human happiness; longevity, strength, vigour, beauty, and harmony… +More


Classes run daily from Monday to Saturday, for all levels from beginners to advanced, with small groups and individual attention to students.
Special offer for new course starting 2023-24, beginners to advanced, extended timetables. +More
Classes are given by Master Haoqing Liu and his team (Chinese instructors). +More


Escuela superior de Chikungtaichi Haoqing Liu

C/ Modesto Lafuente
Nº10 Bajo C
28010, Madrid (España)

Tel: 91 448 18 38
Fax: 91 448 18 10
Whatsapp: 622 87 93 13

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