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  • Next pushing hands class: Saturday xxxxx 2016 from 12:00 to 14:00. Numbers limited.
  • Sword Taichi coming soon.

-Possibility of sending qualified teachers to deliver courses, workshops, seminars, events, TV, etc...

Reservations: for more information, call 91 448 18 38 or send an email.

Special services:

The Haoqing Liu School of Chikung-Taichi has achieved an outstanding level of teaching quality since 1985. It has specific programmes for all kinds of people with any requirements. Excellent results in a variety of problems related to vitality and physical and mental health.

The School has offered new services since 2007:

Clase con el Maestro Haoqing Liu

Class with Master Haoqing Liu

Local or home private classes:

Specific programmes with personalised attention. Excellent results for all kinds of needs.

Classes for companies:

Improvement in personnel commitment and the company’s performance, achieving harmony among employees.

Classes for children:

Developing mind, vitality and harmony. Help in personal growth.

Classes for future mothers:

Specific programmes for pregnant women with personalised treatment to help improve circulation and strengthen the spinal column, maintaining happiness, harmony and quality of life. Excellent recovery of health and beauty.

Special classes for disabled persons:

Personalised programmes for disabled persons. Physical, mental, health and harmony development, maintaining quality in their social lives


Events, workshops, TV, etc...

NEW CHIKUNG-TAICHI DISTANCE COURSE for Spain, China and other countries.


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